• Relieves Stresses Formed During Working On Computer, Kitchen, Movie And Watching Tv Late Night Sleep, Long Reading
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  • It Is Very Helpful To Alleviate Headache And Dropsy Of The Eyes, And Prevent Black Eye And Dry Eyes Puffiness
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  • Gel Eye Patch Is Produced With Environmental Friendly Condensate Water And Purified Water. It Is Sealed With Cold-Resistant Soft Pvc, Containing No Toxin And No Latex
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  • The Therapeutic Gel Eye Mask Is Made Of Eco-Friendly, Nontoxic Condensate And Purified Water, Sealed With Cold Resistant Soft Pvc With Skin Friendly Matte Finish. No Unpleasant Smell, Safe For Pregnant Women And Kids
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  • The Gel Eye Mask Is Made Of And Breathable To Protect Your Sensitive Skin, The Inside Is Padded With Non-Toxic And Tasteless Gel With Fda Approved For Your Safety
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