Premium Champs High Absorbent Pant Style Diaper

Baby'S Skin Are Like Feather, Soft And Sensitive. Premium Champs Pant Diapers Are Specially Made To Provide Care For Your Baby'S Growth.

Premium Champs High Absorbent Pant, Keeps Your Baby Feel Dry And Make Him/Her Play At Ease, So That Your Child Can Spend More Of Its Time In Learning Activities.

Premium Champs Pant Diapers Are Available In Small, Medium, Large And Extra Large. Premium Champs High Absorbent Pant Are Specially Crafted To Make Your Baby Feel At Ease, So That They Can Play And Learn Things.

It Is Made Up Of Cotton Like Material. This Pants Are Easy To Wear And Handle. It Provides Anti-Rash And Anti-Bacterial Shield Extract With Aloe-Vera And Neem Lotion Along With The Fragrance.

Material Of This Diaper Is Of World Class Material With Adjustable Fasteners Which Helps To Give Your Baby The Right Comfort Feel. The Softness Of The Inner Cover Will Give Comfort.

  • Acquisition Distribution Layer (Adl) Sheet Used For Leakage Prevention
  • It Is Soft Elastic And Easy To Wear
  • This Diaper Pants Have Ultra Get Formulation For High Absorbent With Fragrance
  • This Diaper Pants Are Anti-Rash And Antibacterial So That The Baby Can Feel At Ease Throughout The Day

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