• Appalam is a very famous thin-wafer or flat bread like South Indian delicacy which is deep-fried and used in day-to-day meals in many parts of India. These papads/appalams become very crispy on frying and puff up in very big. A mouth-watering savoury crispy snack. The amazing thing about this is it is savored all over India but is recognized by the name Papadum in Kerala, Aplam in Tamil Nadu while the same delicacy is enjoyed as a Papad in North India. • Ambika is known for the most famous Applam all over Tamil Nadu because of the authentic and invincible taste it comes with. All you need to do is take this disc-shaped snack and roast or fry it! • The Appalam comes is best munched with some rice and sambar. • This pack contains 50 pieces. Ingredients: Black Urad Dal, Rice flour, Cumin Seeds, Cooking Soda.

Shelf Life: 9 Months

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