Shelf Life: 18 Months

  • Ingredients: Levulose
  • A Very Low Glycemic Index Of Just 19, Enables Blood Sugar Levels At Lower Levels In Contrast To A High Gi Of 68 For Normal Sugar, And At The Same Time Gives You Sustained Energy. 100% Natural Source - No Artificial Sweeteners. No Bitter After Taste - In Contrast To Other Sweeteners Suitable For Health Watchers, Weight Conscious, Diabetics, When Used Under Moderated Quantities. More Or Less 1.8 Times Sweeter Than Sugar, Ideal Substitute For Use In Your Coffee, Tea, Oats &Amp; Cereals. Move Contents In An Airtight Dry Container For Your Daily Use. Might Soak Moisture And Become Wet. The Only Natural Sugar Alternative With An Improved Sweet Taste That Will Make You Enjoy Every Sip Of Your Coffee/Tea, Every Bite Of Your Breakfast Cereals Such As Oats, Corn Flakes, Payasam. Low Glycemic Sweetener And Natural, Thus Secure For Everyone.
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