Ear-Buds&Nbsp;(One Pack)

&Nbsp;Best Cotton Quality.

Sustainable Choice.

Strong Bamboo Wood ,Doesn'T Break Easily .

Pack Consists Of Approximately 80 Buds.

Comb&Nbsp;(One Adult +One Kid)

Made Of Natural Antibacterial Neem Wood.

Comb Nourishes Hair By Distributing Natural Oil Present In Your Scalp To Hair.

Unlike Plastic Combs ,It Results In Less Breakage Of Hair Due To Absense Of Status Electricity.

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Coating Free Bristles Made Of Softest Charcoal Infused Bamboo Fiber.

Bpa Free.Anti Bacterial,Anti Fungal.

Eco Friendly And Long Lasting.100% Biodegradable.

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  • Organic Product Made From 100% Coconut Oil And Had Made With No Animal Fat
  • Origin Herbal Bath Soap Is Made From Kerala Ayurvedic Formula, 100% Handmade Cold Pressed,
  • Ingredients: ,Sandal, Multani Mitti Etc.&Nbsp;100% Organic Natural Fragrance Added And Anti-Bacterial Soap, Completely Protective And Nutritious For Your Skin And Makes Your Skin Soft And White.
  • Suitable For All Skin Types, It Does Not Contain Sulfate / Parabens / Triclosan / Animal Fat / Petroleum Derivatives / Synthetic / Artificial Foam Agents Or Hardener Or Artificial Colors.
  • Suitable For Both Men And Women, As Well As Children Above 5 Years.

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