Bengali Speciality made from cows milk cafein, sugar and clarified butter, with no artificial preservatives used..Hygienically tinned packed to remain in contact good condition for 12 months from the date of weight:1kg. No of Units : 16 Pcs.

This is a vegetarian product

Ideal for diabetics: Ray Rasgula is made from natural stevia extract that does not increase blood glucose levels

  • Low Glycemic INDEX: Low Glycemic Index Product. Hence diabetes is suggested for health conscious and calorie conscious people.
  • No extra sugar: 100% sweetened without sugar. Ray RASGULLA is sweetened using stevia extract which is a 100% natural sweetener, unlike other artificial sweeteners
  • No Artificial Sweetener: Artificial sweeteners can cause addiction and adverse health effects. Ray No Sugar Bite Made of 100% Natural Sweetener - Pure Stevia Extract

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