This Is A Vegetarian Product. Baked Non Fried Healthy Crisps 100% Wheat Flour Ready To Eat No Junk

Savor The Vintage Taste Of Chips With Our Completely New Baked Wheat Chips. We Bring You A Delicious Range Of Flavors To Choose From Such As Chatpata, Achari, Teekha(Spicy) And More. This Is One Of The Most Famous Baked Snack For Health Conscious People And Travelers To Satisfy Their Growling Tummies. If We Talk About It A Tasty And Healthy Snack, It Is At Its Best.

Baked Wheat Chips Are Nutritious, Temptingly Spicy And Delicious. This Thin, Crispy, And Crunchy Chips Will Not Only Satisfy All The Cravings You Have For Junk Food But Also A Rich Source Of Fiber, Vitamins, And Minerals In Your Body. The Healthy Crisps Loaded With High-Nutrient And Spicy And Pure Ingredients.

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